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disco, the gateway to literature at Münster University


approx. 5 million titles (print & electronic) held by the ULB Münster, e.g. books, journals, databases...

Sources: ULB catalogue, miami, special directories, temporary e-book packages


approx. 230 million records from bibliographic databases and full text data bases that are generally not listed in the catalogue, e.g. articles, e-books, other scientific materials

Source: Central Discovery Index

disco is the central starting point for your literature search. Using a single interface, you can search all the resources that are available at Münster University. This includes the catalogue for all the libraries of Münster University, i.e. the central, branch and departmental libraries. Furthermore, you can search a growing number of resources like articles, journals, databases or videos. Resources that are available online come with a link that will lead you directly to the full text – provided that you are on campus or logged in via the Virtual Private Network (VPN) of Münster University or logged in via Shibboleth, as the case may be.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, want to place a comment or need to complain. Your feedback helps us to improve our services and is always welcome.

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